About Us

We provide analysis, strategic planning, and tactical oversight of all types of national, regional, and local media. This includes television, radio, cable, digital (internet and mobile), newspaper, magazines, direct mail, outdoor, corporate trade (barter), and B2B.

SPECTRUM ONE Marketing & Media Specialists can quickly and efficiently assess your marketing and advertising media efforts and will identify opportunities for greater impact and results. We provide strategic media planning which includes analysis of target audiences, media usage trends, and optimal media mixes. We also provide oversight and stewardship of tactical executions which includes strict media buying management.

Consistent with our Mission to maximize the impact and cost efficiency of your media investment, we believe you will find our service fees to be an excellent value. Please contact us for an initial FREE consultation to learn more about how we add value and improve the results of your marketing and media spending.

Working directly with you or along side your advertising agency and/or media buying service, we’ll find ways to improve your marketing and media efforts and increase the power of your media advertising.

We guarantee SPECTRUM ONE will help you get more BANG for your BUCK!