Definition of Marketing

What is Marketing?

    • Marketing – “The act or process of selling or purchasing. The aggregate of activities involved in moving goods or services from producer to customer.”
    • Marketing includes everything a company or professional does to sell more products or services to more people for more money.
    • Marketing is an investment, not an expense.
    • Marketing efforts must deliver real sales, not “virtual” sales.
    • Money is only made when a product is sold, not when it is made.
    • Marketing is a business that must have goals, objectives, and direction.
    • Direction is determined by strategy.
    • Strategy is the heart and soul of marketing and is defined by brand positioning.
    • Brand positioning must ALWAYS begin and end with the customer.
    • Identifying the right customer is paramount to marketing success.
    • Properly targeted customers must receive appropriately designed messages via properly targeted media advertising.

One Final Thought: Successful “external” marketing will always deliver better results than successful “internal” marketing.

(Note: If you want to know how we differentiate “external” and “internal” marketing, please contact us.)